• The fight against childhood obesity

    1-in-3 children leaving primary school are classified as overweight or obese. The UK has also observed the highest percentage increase for childhood obesity within the last 2 years.

  • More fruits and vegetables

    1/3 of all children aged 5-10 in the UK eat less than one portion of vegetables daily. Vegetables are packed with essential nutrients and minerals making them crucial for health and development.

  • Sugar? No thanks!

    On average children in the UK consume twice as much sugar as recommended. An average 4-10 year old will consume approximately 13 cubes of sugar in a day and over 4,800 cubes in a single year!

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A Note From Our Founder

"I've always been obsessed with food. Ever since I was little I would always look forward to meal times and the experience of trying new foods. 

I chose to study Food Science because I loved understanding the basic science behind food and how cooking can affect texture, flavour and the nutritional properties of food. 

I was surprised at the lack of innovation in the children's meal category led by large-scale production and very similar looking menu's (how many fish pie's do we really need?). I started this company with the vision of creating something completely different from what was available on the market​

We believe that we are more than just a food provider and that every single meal time is an opportunity to showcase the magical wonders of food and the creative ways to cook it.

We love the challenge of making food healthier and tastier and we can't wait to share our food with you and your children"

Our Mission

"Changing the world one meal at a time"

We established this company with the objective of improving the quality of life for children through food. We aim to provide children with the best foods possible, and we never want to compromise on taste.

We also believe meal times is a perfect opportunity to educate children on the food their consuming, on the source of their ingredients, and the benefits of eating well. Which is why our products expand beyond food to include educational products such as our nutritional cards, and games. 

Our mission is to introduce sustainable eating. This means providing children with a well-balanced diet that leaves them feeling good, while providing parents with the reassurance that their children have a nutritious, tasty meal. We are driven and passionate about the fight against sugar and obesity globally. 

We hope you can join us on our journey and share our cause with your friends, family, or anyone else who might be interested in what we are doing.