• Pack Lunch

    Choose from our range of lunch options to suit your personal preferences and budget

  • Hot Meals

    We deliver hot food across Central London. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and to build your personalised menu!

  • Snacks/Drinks

    Check out our price-competitive range of school approved snacks and no-added sugar drinks

  • Nutritional Talks

    Get in touch to find out how we are promoting health and nutrition outside of our food

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Why choose us?

Simple, Convenient, Flexible

Running a business can be tricky enough as it is. Let us take the stress of meal times of your plate so that you can focus on the things that matter the most ....

Nutritious, Tasty Meals

We prioritise health and taste over everything else. Each meal is balanced with slow-digesting carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats. Not to mention at least 1-of-their-5 a day!

Creative & Exciting Food Concepts

Order from a menu that is completely different from what is available on the market. Say goodbye to your conventional pasta, pie or curry and hello to something new every week

More Than Food

Meal times are a great opportunity to better educate children on their food, ingredients, and the benefits of eating a well-balanced diet. Which is why our meals are paired with an option of cards, stickers, or games.

No Kitchen? No Problem!

Ready-to-eat meal solutions to fit your every need regardless of the kitchen space and amenities available at your premise