• Single Purchase

    From £21.50 a week

    Suitable for first-time customers who want to try our products or parents who require meals for a single occasion (e.g. holiday camps) 

  • ⭐ Weekly Subscriptions

    From £18.50 a week

    Enjoy up to 15% off every order when you subscribe weekly! Suitable for parents requiring a regular supply of meals for school, nurseries or week day dinners. 

  • Other Subscriptions

    From £19.50 a week

    Save between 10%-12% off every order when you subscribe fortnightly or monthly! Suitable for parents encouraging their children to try new foods regularly.

🥪 Value Lunch Bundle

"Good Food should be affordable for everyone"

Our most price friendly bundle covering all the basics needed for your children’s pack lunch for the week.

This bundle consists of a mixture of DIY sandwich spreads (just add bread) and main meals.

We recommend pairing our sandwich spreads with wholemeal bread for extra fibre and nutrients.

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Standard Lunch Bundle

"Healthy students are better learners"

Our most comprehensive bundle covering eveyrthing you need for your children’s pack lunch for the week.

This bundle consists of a mixture of ready-to-eat sandwiches, finger bites and main meals.

Just pack in the morning (might require reheating for main meals).

We recommend selecting 3 sandwich/fingerbites, and 2 main meals for this bundle.

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🍽️ Evening Meal Bundle

Our evening bundle perfect for those busy nights at home or away. Ready-in 2 minutes and jam packed with nutritious ingredients and delicious flavours.

This bundle consists of a mixture of main meals and sides for your children to enjoy.

Main meals can easily be reheated using a microwave.

We recommend 6-10 meals per bundle if ordering for more than 1 child,

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+ Add-On's

Supercharge your bundle with our range of fruit/vegetable pots, snacks , energy bites and drinks

Fruit & Vegetables

Providing 1-of-their-5 a day

Complete your main meal with our selection of seasonal ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable pots.


School Approved. No Added Nasties

Add some variety to your children's meals with our range of snacks. ​

​Choose between small, medium, or large snacking bags and energy bites.