• 1-of-their-5 a day

    As a minimum from fresh vegetables that have been carefully blended into every main meal

  • Creative, Fun Foods

    Delicious food concepts that are visually appealing and exciting for children

  • Travel The World

    Take your children on an adventure through food with world dishes and regular specials

What makes us special?

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Complete Meal Solution

The only brand on the market offering a complete, balanced meal solution with fruits, vegetables, snacks, and drinks

Creative & Exciting Food Concepts

Foods that are completely different from what is available on the market. Say goodbye to your conventional pasta, pie or curry and hello to something new every week

Home Delivered

Enjoy a regular supply of nutritious meals for your children without ever having to leave the house + FREE delivery for all subscribers!

Ready in 2 minutes

Ready-to-eat meal solutions that require no defrosting, oven-cooking and can be prepared in 2 minutes or less

More Than Food

We acknowledge that meal times are an opportunity to better educate children on food, the source of our ingredients, and the benefits of eating a well-balanced diet

Meal Categories

A snapshot of the different types of meals we have available

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"Life is a combination of pasta and magic"

Pasta is one of the most widely accepted types of meals for children. The only difference is that we transform everyday pasta into nutritional powerhouses loaded with a variety of hidden vegetables. We won't tell them if you don't ....

Our Pasta Dishes

Classic Dishes

"Food is culture, habit, craving and identity"

We've taken some of the nations most beloved dishes and given it our very own Little Lunchbox spin to increase nutritional quality and fun

Our Classic Dishes

World Dishes

"You have to taste a culture to understand it"

Food is an door way to new cultures, ingredients and people. In this category we've taken some of the most popular dishes from around the world and made them suitable for children of all ages.

Our World Dishes

Finger Bites

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food"

Have a browse at our selection of quick and easy finger friendly foods which can be enjoyed both hot or cold. Dishes from this range help children with developing independence in feeding and allow them to establish control of what and how much they eat.

Our Finger Bites

Sandwiches & Spreads

"life is like a sandwich ... it only gets better the more you add"

Struggling to find new sandwich ideas? Swap your basic sandwich with any one of our nutritious fillings for a ready-to-eat, delicious pack lunch.

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